Mountain Food Products is a unique company operating in the fast-paced environment of wholesale produce. Our challenge is to provide personally tailored orders to customers small and large in our service area. Our mission is to bring as much local food to the hands of creative chefs and people who will enjoy it, while also providing products from regional and global markets.

We are committed to truly local sourcing; defining local as within 100 miles of Asheville, encompassing Western North Carolina, Northern Georgia, Upstate South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and Southern Virginia. We believe that by putting our food dollars back into our local economy, we will strengthen our community, keeping us resilient amidst the various forces that affect the food system. We partner with numerous farmers who provide all sorts of products.

Do you grow fruits and vegetables within 100 miles of Asheville? Do you have an interest in selling to a wholesale distributor? Contact Meghan at for more information.

Why buy Local?
  • Every dollar spent stays in and contributes to the growth of our food community.
  • Fewer miles traveled means less impact on the environment.
  • More farms = More jobs.
  • Food is fresher.
  • Awareness of seasonal foods is increased as is the value of a local agricultural economy.
  • WNC farmers gain the community support they need to be successful.
Why buy from Mountain Foods?
  • We care about selling quality products at a competitive market price.
  • We are right down the road, and can do our best to ensure customer needs are met.
  • We source locally as much as the season allows.
  • We’ll find specialty and unique items and can even stock them on a regular basis if needed.
  • We customize orders to suit business needs, and split cases to offer smaller quantities to help reduce waste.
Our History

Mountain Food Products began in the early 1980’s when Ron Ainspan was farming in Western North Carolina. Looking for a market for his produce, he realized the Asheville area was lacking local distribution. He began loading up his truck and working with small restaurants. Places like Marketplace and the Grove Park were some of his first customers. He started making trips to Atlanta, to the Dekalb Farmer’s Market, where he could find a plethora of unique and specialty items. Mountain Foods has grown over the years and has hundreds of accounts across Western North Carolina.

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