Looking for another avenue to promote local products, Mountain Foods started a CSA program with members of the community. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is an investment in a farm at the beginning of the growing season that pays off throughout the year. Traditionally, a CSA is between a farmer and a customer and produce mainly comes from that one farm. We realized that we were already working with so many farmers, so why not source produce from all around the area and provide a diverse mix of products?

Since 2011, Mountain Food Products has been partnering with area businesses to deliver these local food boxes directly to workplaces, making local food accessible to hundreds of people. The program runs from May to November, for 26 weeks of the year! Expect a wide variety of fresh local produce, a list of which farm they came from, and recipes on how to utilize what’s in your box. Currently we are able to serve customers within the Asheville area. Interested in learning more about this year’s CSA program?

Please review the CSA Flyer below and feel free to email csa@mountainfoodproducts.com with any questions.

** 2020 Sign Ups NOW OPEN **

MFP CSA flyer 2018

Sign up for the Mountain Foods CSA! Click on the link below and mail in or drop by your form to join.

Mountain Food Products  P.O. Box 17247 Asheville, NC 28816